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The EU India Chambers hosting a visiting European Women’s Management Delegation on Jan 9, 2009

The Council of EU India Chambers of Commerce in India would be hosting a visiting European Women's Management Delegation on Jan 9, 2009.

Mr Dinesh Lal, President, The Council of EU India Chambers of Commerce in India, announced today that the Council would be hosting a visiting European Women's Management Delegation on Jan 9, 2009.   

The Council is organising  an event  for the visiting delegates  to highlight  the current Macro scenario and also the nuances of doing business  with India; A detailed perspective on Indo EU Trade  relations would also be presented . 

The EWMD delegation consists of representatives from large companies, SME and professional services, software design, law firms, and consulting companies. The majority is from Germany, but it also includes delegates from Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark.  The European Women's Management Development ( is an international network for women managers and professionals. EWMD is on a study trip to India.

 The Council is hosting the event/delegates jointly with the FIEO and the Bombay Chambers.

The event will be held at the conference Room of Bombay Chambers on Jan 9, 2009 between 4 and 6 pm. Attendance to the event  is by invitation. Interested Members of EU Council, Bombay Chamber and FIEO may contact Ms Neha Aggarwal at 22854563 contact@euindiachambers for Registration.

Source: The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India


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