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FP7 Training cum Info Day - focus Environment and Biotechnology

Seminar Hall, School of IT (SIT), JNTU, Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh (India), 28th August 2010.

EUINEC project is organising a training to provide Indian stakeholders the skills needed to successfully develop proposals for scientific cooperation with European stakeholders. The Seventh Framwork programme will be introduced together with practical tips on how to get involved. The participants will be guided through all the procedures of research proposal development, from call identification to proposal submission, including financial issues and how to cooperate for European funding.

This FP7 Training is being organized by EUINEC (CDAC, Noida) to provide Indian stakeholders the skills needed to successfully develop FP7 proposals.The event is scheduled on 28th August 2010 at Seminar Hall, School of IT, JNTU Campus, Hyderabad.

The training offers practical insight to the Seventh Framework programme and covers the following topics:

1. What can be funded
2. Who can take part
3. How to find European partners
4. Financial issues: how much funding
5. Rules and requirements
6. Intellectual Property Rights
7. Tips and tactics on proposal development

The training is provided by experienced Project Managers, Proposal Developers.Ask your questions and benefit from personal consultation on the FP7 issues that matter to you.

Source: EUINEC


  • Università di Udine
  • Birla Science Center
  • Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione
  • Università di Siena
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Institut National de Recherche en Information et Automatique
  • Centre dor Development of Advanced Computing
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
  • École Polytechnique
  • Universiteit Leiden